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DO you Gif a f*ck?

What started as a rage against conservative governments trying to push through legislations that would violate human rights under the cover of Covid-19 while people were in lock down, was eventually evolved into a project concerning public protest as point of departure.

In the project Do you .gif a f*ck? the format of the gif was used to find a digital equivalent to the analogue protest sign, with its looped motion mimic and repetitive slogans. In collaboration with activist feminist associations, Kvinnefronten and Reklamera, gif’s were designed for the cause of advocating women’s rights.


Protest signs as we know them have been made out of cardboard, paper and textile. The materials in themselves are not political until you transform them into a sign.  The same goes for the visual tools and materials of the digital space. We have explored what we call a feminist digital craftsmanship, by constructing or re-constructing the political language with tools available at the given moment.

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