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If Only

If Only is a short film based on real-life thoughts and experiences meant to acknowledge the issue of kroppshets and give a glimpse into what situations it raises in everyday life. In the course of fifteen minutes, you get to follow women through their struggle in a poetic, honest and touching depiction. If Only recognises that kroppshets is to be found everywhere and can be experienced by anyone.


This is the result of a design project that has explored the complexity of kroppshets on a sociocultural and individual level. The body ideal expected for women is influenced and shaped by patriarchal standards and capitalist structures, transmitted and maintained through media. It feeds a normative discontent among women by conveying the message that one is never good enough. The pressure put on women to achieve an unrealistic body ideal leads to unsustainable practices that in Swedish can be referred to as kroppshets.



 May 28 - June 9

Kulturparken Småland


Open conversation about the topic kroppshets and screening of the short film If Only, in connection to the exhibition. 

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