Man Made Monster

This is a speculative design project created with the aim to challenge and criticize toxic masculinity. In this horror narrative the focus was laid in depicting the fear of being restricted in a masculinity and the sense of entrapment, both literally and metaphorically. 

Man Made Monster - Plot

It is year 2028 and former president T. Rumph has for a long time argued for the need to restore men's position in society. He wants to emphasize the importance of men taking control of their own destiny. To become stronger, smarter and more effective in order to advance in enterprise, in physical performance, in relationships and dominate all areas in life. “In present time and the lack of masculinity has resulted in men becoming pariahs, while women are praised.”

The T. Rumph Administration have now invested in the development of a new drug, “ManUpill”, that promises to strengthen men's masculinity. “ManUpill” is the result of groundbreaking genetic engineering technology that has been developed to help men reach their full capacity. Although this encountered resistance from protesters raising ethical concerns and arguing for “ManUpill” to be the greatest threat to men's freedom of forming their own identity as well as creating larger gaps between class and gender - the drug was still introduced on the market.

What scientists did not anticipate was that the pill would mutate into a contagious virus, infecting and transforming people, with active testosterone production, into macho monsters.