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artisanal textiles

handmade in Småland

Spill begins in the heart of the hotel: the kitchen. Food waste, an inevitable byproduct of a bustling hotel kitchen, is repurposed to create natural dyes. These dyes are then used to colour the high-quality textiles generated within the hotel premises, turning what would be discarded into elegant regenerative products for the everyday. Circular design that tells the story of the hotel.

Spill addresses the pressing issue of textile waste and promotes the principles of circular design within the context of a hotel setting, dealing with waste through design and handcraft. A local and caring effort to bring spill back to the table. 


our story

Spill evolved during an afternoon of coffee and skill sharing between Flow Studios and Fem2design. The idea of working together and combining interests and assets through local actors, opened up the possibility to create something unique and long-lasting.

FLOW studios is run by Leah Ireland; a transdisciplinary designer based in Southern Sweden but originally from the wild Canadian West Coast. Her work focuses on slow food culture, aesthetics, ecology and exploring better ways of living and caring for the planet. Nature has a profound influence on her artistic work, with water and the ocean as a recurrent theme.
As a platform and community workshop space, FLOW studios is about channeling that creative force that feeds the soul, moves across pre-supposed boundaries and embraces change as a constant. Like water, our creative flow mirrors the nature we’re born out of.

The duo Fem2design, run by Camilla Guzmán and Emma Parsmo, creates in neutral tones and materials in closeness and with inspiration from the forests of Småland. With a love for craftshership, they design and produce small scale and handmade products and combine ethics with aesthetics, using rescued, repurposed and resilient materials to foster harmony in homes and in nature. Besides Spill they also facilitate workshops in crafts and sustainability and produce the Waste Less Collection, a series of handmade domestic products that aims to reduce waste in everyday life.

a collaboration between



Fem2design HB, 2024

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